WORRY - financial - single person, one income, no safety net

Being a single, young, 'fit and healthy' person, with no family (parents were older and have died) I am frequently worried about being a 'single point of failure' with no safety net support (not eligible for any Government support in any capacity, no potential inheriteance) so find it ever-more stressful now to try to build and look after my credit rating 'just in-case'' I need loans (if I lost my job/fell ill) and have used any disposible income to pay for enhanced insurances (for my pets, for example)

Why the contribution is important

It can feel extremely lonely, and the additional stress impacts motivation and focus in every area of life. It creates a desire to socially withdraw and, the chronic nature of the worry has physical health implications.

by sianowen on November 24, 2022 at 10:44AM

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