Traditional gas supply (methanol gas)

This is a traditional saving energy,by using animal swage and cabbage..or toilets..,usually country side,or by farmer's use. By digging a hole in the land..and using the some other materials in the hole,to dioxide the wastage..,again also covering our dig hole land to hold the air from the digging hole.. Another external digging next to that original hole,by adding some sort of beneath heating on different times ..switching.. The results would be a natural cooking gas from animals and other cabbage wastes or toilets... This experiment is similar to laboratory tests..As we need to heat the (water tube-glass) and then we had to hold the top-end of tube to get the steam out of the tube-glass.. ... On other experiment on the land we have animal swage like cows or have methanol.

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Source is:EESI.ORG



by ghaz on November 16, 2022 at 07:38PM

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