Park extension

So much grass still feel there can be more added for the junior aged kids 

still having to travel to redditch for a decent park to suit all my kids ages

after seeing Morton and arrow vallys park updates it puts us to shame yet again 

yes the toddler park become decent but the other part is shocking tiny frame with so much unused greenery around it

why not build something so that residents and people out the area would love to come play and hang out here 

for those who don't drive don't have much choice but the park is poor and can definitely do with a face lift and more added in my opinion 

Why the contribution is important

To suit kids of all ages, brings attraction to the area and more for the kids around here

the park is never rammed and when it becomes busy it's mainly toddler age where there ends up a que for a swing as what we have is so small as it is

Greenery is nice but we are surrounded by fields and wooded areas to walk I think we should make good use of the rec 

by Lauren on October 04, 2022 at 02:20PM

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