How can we make Warwickshire more child friendly?

In 2021, Warwickshire County Council committed to creating a Child Friendly Warwickshire, which means working together to make Warwickshire the best place in which to grow up and learn.

At the beginning of this journey, we heard the ideas of young people of all ages from around the county. They told us what child friendly means to them which helped us to develop our five guiding principles. These are that all children and young people should:

  • Be heard- have a voice to shape where you live
  • Be safe - have secure, safe and stable lives
  • Be healthy - have access to the health services you need
  • Be skilled - have the opportunity to enjoy the learning you need, leading to the achievements and employment you want
  • Be happy – enjoy access to activities and entertainment with safe, secure, green and clean areas in which to play.

A year on, we have 80 businesses and organisations signed up to be a friend, we’ve organised a youth conference, created a climate change competition… but there’s still so much we can do.

This is where you come in.

We want children and young people in Warwickshire to be heard and have a voice to shape where they live. We’ve put together five ideas that relate to the Child Friendly Warwickshire goals and we’d love to hear what you think.

We want to know from you what more we can do to create a Child Friendly Warwickshire. What do you think would help you to feel safe and secure? How can we increase your skills and what can we do to help you to lead a healthy life? How can help you feel heard and listened to and what can we do to help you to feel happier?

We are using this new space for you to add your ideas and also read other people's ideas. If you want to add an idea you need to register - this video explains in more detail.

This is your space to share thoughts and ideas but before you register there are a few rules to follow so we use it safely:

  • Treat everybody with respect - we will not tolerate any sort of discrimination 
  • Be polite and keep your language nice
  • Keep yourself safe and don’t share your personal information 
  • Don’t pretend to be someone else
  • Be open-minded and have fun! Be as creative as possible
  • Anyone under 16 will need to get consent from a parent, carer, guardian teacher or trusted adult to register
  • Please ask a trusted adult to help you register and take part if you want some help! 

We will be moderating ideas and comments that do not follow our policy to ensure everyone feels safe while using Dialogue.

How to register

  • Choose a username (don't use your full name to keep your privacy)
  • Choose a password
  • We ask about age and the area lived in
  • Look out for the password verification email

Once registered you can comment on any challenges you are invited to and on all public challenges. 

We look forward to reading your ideas.

Child Friendly Warwickshire

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